Madame Alexander-Flower Power-18 Inch Play Doll

Madame Alexander-Flower Power-18 Inch
Madame Alexander-Flower Power-18 Inch
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Product Description

Madame Alexander-Flower Power-18 Inch
Madame Alexander 18-inch Flower Power, with green eyes and straight blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail has the power to attract any number of admirers, especially dressed as she is in multi-colored print dress that has hot pink ruffles and raised circles at the hem. Her blue, circle print belt is adorned with a hot pink flower on the right side. A grey ruffled sweater and dark denim pants fill out Flower Power’s outfit which is completed by the addition of pink Wellies, with blue side-lacing, and a pink flock headband.

Style # 67515 - Item is available.

AGE: 3 YRS. + INTRO: 2013 SIZE: 18'', with green eyes Style # 67515 - Item is available.


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