Isabella Play Buggy-Wicker Doll Carriage

Isabella Play Buggy-Wicker Doll Carriage-Play
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Isabella Play Buggy-Wicker Doll Carriage-Play
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Product Description

This beautiful Isabella Wicker Doll Carriage Buggy Stroller Pram Large has become a classic play pram for girls.

This sturdy metal framed play pram has a white wicker fully hand woven hood which is coated in non toxic white paint.

It has easy to clip on steel spoke wheels with durable indoor/outdoor rubber tires.

It features and includes a beautiful white embroidered fabric pillow and mattress set which has pink gingham trim.

Product Dimensions Approximate:

Product Dimensions Approximate:

Handle Height 18" or 46cms

Basket Length 19.5" or 50cms

Basket Width 12.5" or 32cms

Wheel Diameter 6" or 15cms

Suits Doll 17.5" or 44cms


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